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Over the years she has saved my sanity and my life. His insights and comments regarding astrological issues always had special resonance with me. Starcodes is the first column I have found that continues in his astounding tradition and reflects a truly rare and unique talent in Ms. I have been a fond, avid reader since when we moved to Santa Fe.

Your wonderful weekly insights have kept me aware and awe struck! Thanks for your strength and vibrations felt by me, and many thousands more. Her take on daily horoscopes, focusing on planetary influences rather than sun sign predictions, is wonderfully refreshing. One Spirit has featured her work for several years, and Starcodes is a bona fide member favorite. They write to us regularly to describe how much they enjoy the column and to compliment Heather on the accuracy of her work.

View Details. View Profile. Jennifer P. About Andrea I have been teaching art to all ages and levels for 10 years. I have a lesson plan to suit your needs and desires!

Sexuality in Astrology by Lino Pastrana Astrologer & Holistic Therapist

Although I do not have a background check through take lessons. My background has been cleared for teaching. Andrea O. About Donna Yes, my resume is a bit quirky, not many people go from a career in computer programming to astrology but in essence what I've done is to take things I'm good at and turn them into a career I'm passionate about.

My varied background might make me the right teacher for you.

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I love teaching and learning. I love helping people discover more about themselves, their talents and abilities. I enjoy showing people how to trust their gut and to find their life's work. There's more about me below. Let me know if I can help you on your journey. Donna has 15 years experiencing programming HTML.

Hi, I’m Sam Reynolds

She's experienced on most social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Donna is also an Astrologer and Feng Shui expert with more than 25 years' experience. In she will be speaking at the United Astrology Conference in Chicago. Donna has done stand-up comedy on stages in California and Arizona and she regularly performs improv comedy.

Donna S. About Ainslie I am an intuitive, Jungian-based astrologer. A life-long yoga practitioner, I presently run a yoga nonprofit. Daily meditation is essential to me. I had my astrology chart done on a whim in the early 90's and immediately became enthralled with the art. I began my daily blog, featuring Street Art from around the World, in April of I published two of my novels, written in the late 90's, this year as well. With over twenty five years experience in astrological counseling, I impart a unique, artistic vision, to my workshops and readings.

Ainslie F. View Full Profile. About Dr. Suman My name is Dr.

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Suman pronounced Simone. I am also a certified health coach, weight management specialist, and my training was specialized in working with overweight and obese individuals from all walks of life. I have been a health professional for ten plus years and I have been offering health education for about the same time. I am very passionate about health and wellness and feel deeply sad when I see individuals struggling to become healthy and therefore resorting to diet fads or worse, struggling in silence. I think that knowledge is power only when you use it!


Therefore, I decided to use my clinical and medical knowledge, education, and certification's to coach other like minded individuals about healt h and wellness. We all need a coach or a guide who can allow us to thrive and shine while, helping us navigate the rough waters effortlessly. In these times, while it may be easy to "google" something and find answers you may want to hear, not all of these answers are authentic or individualized for your personal health needs.

Nature is actually very messy business. You're possessed! Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism discusses with us the reality of possessions that we all face day to day, and what we can do to be accountable and handle the situation. This is especially true for anyone on the path, there is more work and more accountability for us.

A difficult pill to swallow, this ep will make you question how much responsibility you've taken for yourself, but should be considered a rescue mission. Also discussed is the erasing of cultures and how that has effected us and prevented us in many ways from even seeing the problem, and the importance of finding your community. Chiron currently resides in Salem, Massachusetts and will be offering courses this spring and summer in NYC. You can find Chiron's classes and upcoming events at www.

Which you can find at www. For information regarding the May New Orleans Retreat, or the upcoming tarot intensive please go to www. Intersectional Feminist Witchshop Co-owner, Debbie Allen talks about Cult Party, how her history with magic and experience in the art world led her to opening this amazing bewitching space. What you'll find inside this shop is not just magical products made by women, gender queer, POC, and other under represented groups, BUT ALSO is an event space that offers regular tarot readings, classes, exhibits and other events.

This is more than just a shop, it's a community. It is within this little playhouse of political enchantment that Debbie will soon be teaching a workshop on creating your own herbal bundles. Follow cultpartynyc for more info and if you don't live in NYC you can shop the website cultpartynyc.

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  • Follow Mystic Witch on Instagram or Facebook for bonus audio, pictures and info about our guests. FB and IG mysticwitchpodcast To support, become a patron www. It's possibly because of our natural curiosity for those very real mysterious energies we all sense around us day to day. There are many reasons that we are compelled to make play out of the macabre, however there are very real factors that can effect your mental health AND your physical health.

    Just as Ouija is not a game, neither is divination nor is witchcraft. If you're going to become a practitioner, there are many precautions you ought to take first, and things to approach with respect. This episode dives right in to some extremely serious and very real dangers newcomers should be aware of and avoid. As witchcraft, divination and spirituality gains popularity, naturally more and more people are being intrinsically drawn to it.

    Astrology – Maha Rose Center for Healing ~ Brooklyn, NYC

    Professional Reader and Mambo Gina Jean wanted to take this opportunity to discuss taking responsibility as a new comer in magical study and practice to our youth just finding their way. Some grave things to look out for and avoid, what you will need to know to find your way on your personal path, as well as many recommendations of inspiring and safe people and places to check out and follow.

    We also talk about the importance of always having a mentor and what you need to know in order to become a mentor later in your practice yourself. With this many amazing recommendations, you might want to grab a pen and paper! I recommend taking some notes. She also discusses her multi-faceted healing practice and what she offers to her clients.