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Libra is home to the Gliese planetary system , which consists of the star Gliese , three confirmed planets, and two unconfirmed planets. Both Gliese d , and Gliese g are debatably the most promising candidates for life, although Gliese g's existences has been disputed and has not been entirely confirmed or agreed on in the scientific community. Gliese e is possibly the smallest mass exoplanet orbiting a normal star found to date [12] All of these exoplanets are of significance for establishing the likelihood of life outside of the Solar System.

The family of candidate habitable planets was extended in late September to include exoplanets around red dwarf stars because of Gliese g, which is a tidally locked planet in the middle of the habitable zone.

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Weather studies show that tidally locked planets may still have the ability to support life. Libra is home to one bright globular cluster , NGC It is a loose cluster, 50, light-years from Earth; it is fairly large and has an integrated magnitude of 9. As of [update] , the Sun appears in the constellation Libra from October 31 to November When a Libra person argues or behaves badly, it is usually because he feels that something is unfair.

Libra is an air sign, like Gemini and Aquarius.

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If you are a Libra, think about how good you feel when everything in your life seems to be harmonious and well-balanced, and when you have friends to go places or do things with. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 1. Current Planets.

Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric. All named asteroids. Like your water friends Pisces and Cancer dear Scorpio this You of all zodiac signs will have the most intense love horoscopes during this period my dear Pisces. Get an insight into your month ahead. Rogativey bitcoin adder software pro free download amply which may be used in questions though thej are not!

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Aquarius is the sign of emotional detachment, so this child may want closeness one minute and freedom the next, and this unpredictable rhythm can be jarring for parents.

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Try not to lose patience when things become too hectic or don't proceed as planned. After all, what does make you happy? You'll go for what you want, or get rid of what you don't want, especially from March 7 to March 31, when Venus dances through the luminous sign of Aries, your seventh house of marriage and partnership.

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  • At this time Mars and Venus are in fiery signs and since Mars turns direct on March 10, the potential for forming partnerships that will fulfil your cherished desires begins to grow. Saturn rules your house of romance and children, and begins the year in Libra, turning retrograde on January This influence has as much to do with the past as it does with the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful.

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    Be patient. Venus is in Gemini from the last week of April to the middle of May, your ninth house of foreign affairs, travel, education, cultural pursuits—and second marriages. With Mars still in Leo till June 7 many of you will feel the urge to tie the knot, perhaps for a second time and possibly to someone of a different race or culture, or whom you met whilst travelling. This will be encouraged by glorious Jupiter moving into forward-looking Aries, your house of marriage, on June 6, where he turns retrograde on July 23, leaving Aries and rolling back to Pisces on September 9.

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    The most powerful days to consider your situation will be during the week before and after July 23, while Jupiter is stationary direct, because great progress can be made and plans instituted. A big event close to the Full Moon on May 27th is the entry of Uranus into Aries, your seventh house of marriage, partnership and open confrontation an hour or two later—after having spent the past seven years in Pisces, turning your working life and health up and down. Disruptive, intuitive Uranus will be in Aries for a good while seven years in fact, if we discount a few months back in Pisces due to a retro phase.

    Some of the effects will be immediately apparent, then drop out of sight, only to burst forth later. This transit a foretaste of implies an unstable period for marriage, partnership and alliances of any kind, and for joint ventures.

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    Associations may suddenly or unexpectedly begin, come to an end, or undergo big changes. Alliances may be formed with unusual partners, at least for you, and the terms of a partnership or joint venture are similarly odd. You can expect to meet unusual people or encounter unusual situations. Contracts that are signed, as well as the status of legal matters, should not be regarded as permanent: there is every chance they may not only be changed, but completely reversed.

    A key element of the Uranian influence has to do with outside forces over which you have no control. Change may be triggered by the actions of others, new people you meet, or situations you never expected to encounter..

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    Mars prances through Libra between the end of July and September 14th while Venus is in Libra too, so you'll be reconsidering your role in life, your personal self-image and your ability to influence others. This is a period when it pays to make an effort: the charm of your personality, willingness to cooperate with others and sense of humour will make a big difference. Why not indulge in a new hair style, beauty treatment, and enhance your appearance?

    It is important to look as gorgeous as possible, since your physical appearance will have just as big an impact as your personality. Your competitive spirit urges you to be more aggressive, perhaps even physically combative, aiming to satisfy your needs.

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    Busy, busy. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Libra on August 20th, just as Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo, your twelfth house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. This is a banner day, so if you are partying it's a Friday be ready for some fantasy-fulfilling action. Don't expect it to last, but it will be fun.

    On September 8th, sexy Venus slips into Scorpio, your second house of finances and values, just as mighty Jupiter moves back into Pisces in his retro phase. Mercury turns direct on the 12th, then Mars, the mighty Warrior, joins Venus in his night-throne, Scorpio, just as Pluto, the dark lord of transformation, turns direct after months of retro motion in Capricorn. A rare treat! Mars rejoices in Scorpio, where his best qualities are expressed, but with Venus slowing there in preparation for her rare retro phase, a secret romance, or at least a secret fantasy comes forward as you deal with attractions that you thought were long gone.

    Scorpio rules sexuality and in your chart governs marriage, partnership, open enemies and personal finances. So a secret affair is in the air, which may lead to a big commitment once revealed! Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 8th, conjunct the jealous and dangerous fixed star Zuben Algenubi the South Scale. You will be inclined to spend up on social events, luxuries and fripperies, mainly designed to improve your sex life.